Perpetual Loop & Elvya- Time To Breathe

This is an amazing collaboration between Perpetual Loop and Elvya. What started out as one track, ended up being this beautiful EP. Elvya is an amazing vocalist and they had such a great time creating these tracks together. It’s a different approach to creating tracks. Instruments have to play around the vocals and visa versa….

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Perpetual Loop – SoloChillinInTheBackGardenOfMyMind

For a while now I’ve wanted to write an album that you could chill out too , either beside a pool, on a beach, or even in an outdoor club somewhere while the sun’s still up. I wanted it to have a summer vibe, nothing too dark or dramatic. Just full of good grooves and…

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Conscious Frequencies – Primeval Retrieval

At last a debut album from Conscious Frequencies! Each track has been worked to the finest degree, making sure no sonic stone has been unturned in the pursuit of perfection. The album doesn’t fail. Delivering a scape of deep and complex pads, spiky melodies and tamed acid squelches that will not disappoint any Psy-fan or…

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Perpetual Loop – Behind the mask

Behind the mask is a chill out EP that takes you on a journey through a landscape of sounds and moments. The EP starts with a sense of loneliness and takes to realms full of hope and warmth. Behind the mask is about finding, exposing and understanding the real person behind the mask. The real…

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Conscious Frequencies – Stories (Single)

Here’s a track that will not be available on the forth coming album, from the three brothers – Conscious Frequencies. It’s a lighter track, full on soundscapes and a vibe of love and hope. Much needed in the world at the moment. Deep breath, eye’s closed, headphones on. And begin. Buy || Listen

Perpetual Loop – Sabre of Light (Single)

Sabre of Light is a single from Perpetual Loop’s next album. The single comes in two forms. The main track and another more laid back version. Perfect for the afternoon. The track is a 4 / 4 chilled track taking you on a journey of sonic beauty and depth. Buy || Listen

Conscious Frequencies & Dreaming Cooper – The Realm of the Spirit Elves ( Single)

This is a single taken from the soon to be released album from Conscious Frequencies. This is an amazing collaboration with the brilliantly gifted Dreaming Cooper. Buy || Listen

Perpetual Loop – Sirens (Single)

Sirens in a chilled upbeat melodic driven psy-trance track. Classic baseline with a deep four / four beat, landscaped with ethereal sounds and pads. A haunting melody intermittently plays through the track, hanging jarred unhinged bells, that flutter like moths around the communal flame. The ‘B’ side adds a dub vibe to the mix. Buy…

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Conscious Frequencies – Expressions of a Cloudy Mind (Single)

This is the second track taken from the soon to be released debut album. It’s a beautiful array of kaleidoscopic sounds and landscapes that slowly builds throughout. Feel free to listen to it below. It will be globally available to buy as part of the overall album (or as an individual track from the album)…

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Above You

Perpetual Loop – Above You (Single)

Four perspectives of the same track. Above you is a melodic driven track that would suit headphones on a lonely dark night, a prelude on a club night or a chill out track by the side of a pool. Two of the mixes have been inspired by previous PL styles namely the big beat funk…

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Conscious Frequencies & Perpetual Loop – Vibrations (Single)

An ethereal track combining the talent of Perpetual Loop and Conscious Frequencies. A melancholic track for the synthetic generation. Sweeping lush pads, whispers of moments with a rising acid sound to elevate the consciousness to higher state of clarity. A track to get lost in and to find yourself again in a wash of sonic…

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Unusual Cosmic Process & Perpetual Loop – Air Flow Ride (Single)

A Collaborative single from Perpetual Loop and Unusual Cosmic Process. Includes a beautiful dub remix by Unusual Cosmic Process. Buy || Listen

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